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Sunday, February 15, 2015

A New Product

           I have a new product that is getting a good response. Right now I call it a "Name Blessing". I take the meaning of your first and last name and create a Father's blessing for you. 
           This makes great gifts for birthdays, newborns, weddings. Usually and 8 by 11 or 11 by 14 on quality grade paper, matted and framed. Below are some excerpts of ones I have done, if interested email me at sylvias.treasures.com or comment below.

Nobility, Flower, Humor
Confident expectation
Nobel, great influence
May all your days be filled with righteousness, peace and joy
May you be blessed with the revelation knowledge
Of your Heavenly Father’s love for you.

Andrew – Brave, Strong: Protector of the LORD’s Presence and Family
Diana – Luminous: Shining the Light of the LORD’s Love and Peace
Bednara – Musical: The way you choose to worship and live is … music to God

Come into my presence beloved. When you abide in me I will open the ears of your spirit and bring you revelation. I will open the eyes of your understanding to know me more as you seek me. 

Affection, Faithfulness
Purity, Beauty
great influence
You are an original, GOD made you unique in all your ways;You were created by GOD to let your particular light shine, Revealing His favor on you;

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Disney Prints and Lithographs

lithographs are in original envelope and in good condition 
Framed prints in good condition never out of holder

Framed Aladdin Print is Rare

Great gift for child’s room or playroom

$30 each or $150 for all 7 items

16 X 20 Framed Official Disney Print “Aladdin” (Rare)

16 X 20 Framed Official Disney Print “Beauty And The Beast”

16 X 20 Framed Official Disney Print “The Little Mermaid”

11 x 14 Matted Disney Exclusive Commemorative Lithograph 1995 “The Lion King”

12 x 16 Matted Disney Exclusive Commemorative Lithograph 1993 “Aladdin”

12 x 16 Matted Disney Exclusive Commemorative Lithograph 1994 “Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs”

11 x 14 Matted Disney Exclusive Commemorative Lithograph 1995 “Cinderella”
contact info sylvias.treasures@gmail.com

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Creative Treasures

Commemorative remembrance with original/or favorite poetry.  Let me help you Turn your words and pictures into a story you will treasure for yourself or to give to someone special.

Categories: here are a few to stir your imagination:
Holidays, Birthdays,  Graduations, Weekend Trips, Pets, Occupations
Popular sizes: Large 8.5 X 11 Medium: 5 X 7 Small: 4 X 6
Contact me for prices and options